Social Media, memes, and the future of inclusive activism online

PETA vs The World Wide Web Despite 2019 being the “The Year of the Vegan” it is definitely not the year for PETA. Unsurprisingly, PETA , one of America's oldest and most established animal rights organizations, came under scrutiny last month when it criticized Google Doodle’s commemoration of Steve Irwin. PETA claimed that “#SteveIrwin was... Continue Reading →

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Instagram and influencers in the year of the vegan 2019 was declared by The Economist as “the year of the vegan” and, in only March of this year, it’s easy to see why. Regardless of your dietary preferences it’s hard to go onto your timeline and avoid seeing at least one video marketed as “DIY... Continue Reading →

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Breaking through South Africa’s Green Ceiling

As people across the globe make appear to make conscious shifts to refuse the straw, or shop in zero waste super markets, it’s hard not to feel as though 21st century consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware. However, despite what feels like progress, it is becoming evident that there is an area of climate activism... Continue Reading →

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